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Logo Design & Branding

In order to establish a consistent and recognisable visual presence, a business needs to not only have a good logo design but also a solid and consistent brand identity.

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Logo Design

A good logo needs to be striking, attractive, memorable, recognisable and industry-relevant. When we design your logo we’ll keep all of these things in mind. We’ll do our research and provide you with options. We’ll refine your designs and tweak them until they’re perfect. In short, we’ll make sure that your logo stands out in a crowd in all the best ways.

Brand Identity

Keep your overall brand consistent and intact with an official brand identity guide. This will provide other service providers such as printers and other designers with all of the information they’ll need in order to represent your business in the way it was intended. No more squashed-flat logos on low quality letterheads. No more mismatched types and fonts on your documents and printed materials.

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