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Marvel Studios New Logo Design and Fanfare

2016 seems, so far, to be a year of plenty. Plenty of politics (groan). Plenty of celebrity deaths (sad-face). Plenty of ice-cream (hooray!). Okay that last one is probably just me. I do love the ice-cream. But we’ve also seen plenty of new logo design updates hitting the scenes from various industry giants, the latest of which is coming directly from Marvel Studios, announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2016.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re already familiar with Marvel Studios and their work over the last few years. They need very little introduction – at least from me. Marvel Studios themselves have however decided that the introduction that they do have needed some sprucing up, and this is what you’ll be seeing at the beginning of every new Marvel Studios movie from now on.

The Fanfare

Marvel Studios have also updated their standard fanfare, something that – for me – may take a bit more getting used to. Here it is, in all of its splendour and glory:

I for one will miss the old fanfare with its instantly recognisable theme, but I don’t think it will take too long to welcome this creation into my nerdy home. This new fanfare is undoubtedly impressive, with a very cool new score composed by Michael Giacchino of Star Trek and Lost fame.

Logos For Everybody!

This is following a bit of a trend so far this year with big new logo designs, such as Guiness, Instagram and of course DC Comics, this last of which holds a very special place in my heart.

Some of these redesigns have been very well received, and some… not so much (*cough!*instagram*cough!*). I’m not so sure the logo design was completely necessary, as it hasn’t really changed a great deal and, well, if it ain’t broke… I think it’s clear that the fanfare itself is the biggest change here.

What do you think of the new Marvel Studios logo design and fanfare? Let us know in the comments!